For many years lemon has been used in different parts of the world to treat health problems. The benefits it possesses range from skin problems, organs, sore throats, nail care, acne treatment among many others.

In this article we will give you to know 9 reasons in which the lemon can help you in a surprising way.

The lemon is composed of antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that together are of great help for the digestive system, the immune system and helps with the process of detoxification.

Regular consumption of lemon or lemon water naturally helps prevent various health problems. Here are some of them.
9 problems that are cured with lemon juice

Lemon water can lower high blood pressure
Because of its high potassium content, this helps with dizziness, nausea and blood pressure. It is a relaxing of the mind and body.

Protects the skin
It works as a natural antiseptic on skin problems. Direct juice can be applied to combat burns, insect bites, reduce inflammation and redness due to acne.

Sore throat
If you feel that you are scraping your throat, quickly in a glass with water squeezes a lemon and has gargles. Repeat the process for three days and end the pain.

Increase your energy and mood
If you feel sleepy or have no energy, do not drink coffee, instead try drinking lemon water. It also helps you with the stress you carry.

Fight inflammation
If you suffer from stomach acid, lemons neutralize acidity and help with swelling. It can be used in patients suffering from inflammation as in arthritis disease.

For a white smile
Apply lemon and a little baking soda to the brush instead of that expensive toothpaste, do it once a day and start to notice a change in your teeth. As fast as a week.

Removes stains on the armpits
The lemon removes those black spots that appear in the armpits. You should mix 2 tablespoons of oatmeal or ground oats, one tablespoon of honey and one whole lemon. Stir well and apply in the affected areas, let stand for an hour and wash well when you finish. Continue daily and see the changes.

Keep your nails clean
Simply apply lemon to your nails and leave it to stand for 15 minutes. You will notice that the yellow color will begin to disappear. In addition to strengthening and making them grow faster.

Say goodbye to the labial fires, thrush.
Apply lemon directly and in less than 3 days the lips will disappear.
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