9 Common Pains That Are Linked To Serious Health Problems

When we experience various aches and pains, our first instinct is to try and push through them. There are also a number of over the counter medications that allow us to overcome these aches and pains, but what happens when this pain is an indicator of something far more serious?

The next time you are experiencing aches and pains that seem to persist for long periods of time, this is a sign that there is an underlying problem that needs to be taken care of immediately. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common aches that are a sign of potentially severe health issues.

Heart pains often make a person feel as if they are experiencing compression inside of their chest. When these pains start to spread to other areas of the body, this often means that you need to visit a medical professional immediately to make sure that you are not going through severe issues.

Did you know that a simple backache could be a sign of a kidney related problem? If the pain that is taking place is situated deep within the ribs, this is a sign that you are experiencing more than a mere backache.

The small intestine will experience its own issues and these problems tend to manifest themselves in the navel area. If you can’t walk or bend in the manner that you’ve become accustomed to, please contact a trusted medical professional as soon as possible.

As for the large intestine, any pains that are caused by issues with this region of the body tend to take place in the lower abdomen. If you are experiencing constipation on a consistent basis, this may also be a sign that you are having lower intestinal issues.

Lung pains announce themselves by creating a dull ache inside of the person’s chest. Are you having difficulty breathing and experiencing constant fits of coughing? These are both telltale signs of lung issues.

The appendix can burst or rupture unexpectedly and when it does, you are going to feel a great deal of stomach pain. In certain instances, this pain is also going to be felt inside of the person’s left thigh.

Pains that are associated with the stomach can often be confused with pain in the heart region. However, any pain that persists in the middle of your abdomen that does not subside should be checked out by a doctor.

Experiencing abdomen pain that originates in its upper right region? This can be a sign of liver and gallbladder problems.

The upper abdominal region will go through random aches and pains, but if this pain intensifies when you are laying down or eating, this could mean that your pancreas is in peril.

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