8-Year-Old Boy Living In Hospital With Rare Diagnosis Gets Life-Altering Phone Call

Times can get very hard very quickly and when they do, we need to find other aspects of life to focus on that will keep us from potentially getting too downtrodden. By holding on to our hopes and dreams, we are able to keep moving forward and get through all of the tough times that life tends to throw our way.

Hunter is an 8 year old boy from Louisiana and he has had an existence that no small child ever deserves to suffer through. Even though he has been through a wide range of procedures and surgeries over the years, he maintains a positive outlook at all times and his future goals allow him to keep on fighting.

When the boy was initially diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction, the family did not know what would happen next and they were understandably worried about their child’s future. They eventually received a call that it was time for a transplant and while the operation went smoothly, Hunter had to remain in the hospital as his body made the necessary adjustments.

Hunter hopes to become a firefighter when he grows up and while he was recuperating from his operation in a Washington D.C. hospital, some of the local firefighters came to pay him a visit and provide him with just the right pick me up that he required during his moment of need.

He got to take pictures with his heroes and chat with them about what is life for firefighters. He was also extended an invitation to visit the firehouse where the men worked once he received a discharge from the hospital. This will definitely motivate Hunter to get well soon!

We are inspired by this child’s amazing story and we are rooting for him to mend as quickly as possible. Any child who can maintain this type of positive attitude during a process this challenging is bound to become a great firefighter one day and we wish him all of the best going forward.

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