8-Month-Old Baby Already Weighs The Same As A 4-Year-Old.

A very overweight baby had both doctors and parents worried that if they can’t find out the reason behind her sudden weight gain, she might lose her life. Read on for more details!

Chahat Kumar, eight months old, has already grown to weighing more than 25 pounds because of her constant eating of food. Chahat, who’s from Punjab, India, has a weight that’s equivalent to that of a four-year-old. Chahat’s parents are blaming it on “God,” even though they kept on giving her food and refused to take responsibility of the child’s diet.

According to the Daily Mail, doctors had no idea why the child was craving food so much. They are extremely worried about her weight.

Suraj Kumar, Chahat’s father, said, “When Chahat was born, she was completely normal. Then, slowly we saw that her weight was shooting up. Her weight is increasing day by day. It’s not our fault. God gave this condition to her. It’s not in our hands. I feel bad when some people laugh at her for being fat.”

Reena Kumar, Chahat’s mother, was concerned that her daughter’s health would take her away from them since she already lost her first baby in childbirth.

Reena, 21 years old, said, “Before Chahat, we had a son who died, and then Chahat was born. I am concerned about her health. She doesn’t eat like a normal kid. She keeps eating all the time. If we don’t give her anything to eat, she starts crying. She cries to go out but her weight is too much and we are not able to pick her up. So, we only take her to nearby places.”

Vasudev Sharma, Kumar’s family doctor, asserted that because of the fact that they couldn’t take any blood sample from Chahat, it was difficult to make a medical diagnosis.

Dr. Sharma said, “This is the first case I’ve seen in my life where a child’s weight has been shooting up so much four to five months after birth. But the blood test couldn’t be carried out because the fat on the baby’s body was too much, and because of that, the blood test wasn’t done properly. We have tried it many times. Her skin is so hard that we can’t ever diagnose her condition.”

Dr. Sharma recommended a specialist at the Civil Hospital in Amritsar to the family to make an appointment. However, due to the financial issues of the family, this appointment cannot be made. Dr. Sharma was insistent that Chahat abnormal growth in terms of weight needs to be studied immediately.

Dr. Sharma said, “Her weight is increasing excessively and it has to be controlled. She has to eat less. She eats like a 10-year-old kid.”

Meanwhile, the family can’t really do anything but wait for answers. Reena hopes that her daughter could have a fortunate future. She said, “We want Chahat to be able to play like normal kids. We don’t want her to have difficulties in the future. We want a good future for her.”

source : healthypage.com/

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