7 Signs That You Are Consuming Way Much Sugar

Sugar is one of the most frequently consumed ingredients in the world which is also difficult to avoid. Although it’s harmful for our health, we still eat it, not being aware that we’re addicted to it. The addiction of sugar has been compared to that of heroin, which clearly shows how dangerous the ingredient is. Here are 7 symptoms which indicate that you need to stop consuming sugar:


If you’re feeling drained of energy for a prolonged period, you might be addicted to sugar. In this case, eating a small amount of sugar can give you energy, but this is only a temporary solution which will make you crave the ingredient more shortly afterwards.

Frequent colds and the flu

Excess sugar in the body will attack and weaken the immune system, resulting in frequent colds and the flu, as well as being more prone to various diseases.

Brain fog after meals

Brain fog after meals is another symptoms of consuming way too much sugar. Sugar can boost your glucose levels instantly, but the effect fades soon, and this inconsistency results in cognitive problems such as brain fog.

Sugar cravings

If you’re often craving sugar, you’re already a sugar addict. Sugar is highly addictive and makes you eat it more and more, resulting in several health problems.

Weight gain

Weight gain is one of the worst symptoms of sugar addiction. Sugar is essentially empty calories as it doesn’t contain protein and fiber, so the more you consume, the fattier you’ll get. Excess sugar amounts can make the pancreas produce more insulin, leading to insulin resistance and an increased risk of diabetes.

A change in taste

As our body craves sugar and we consume it in excess, our taste buds become used to it and their tolerance to sugar goes up and up. This can cause a change in the taste of foods and can be resolved by eating less sugar every day. Once your taste buds get used to this situation, you will adjust your sugar tolerance and free your body from the sugar chains.

Dark circles under the eyes and skin problems

Sugar is a highly inflammatory compound which can cause numerous skin problems such as rosacea, acne, oily or dry skin and eczema. It can also be the reason for those unsightly dark circles under the eyes and can cause numerous inflammatory conditions as well. High sugar consumption has been linked to adrenal fatigue as well, which is why it’s so important to ditch it and switch to healthier alternatives such as stevia.

Source :  homehealthyrecipes.com