7 Easy, At-Home Moves That Will Completely Transform Your Arms

If there’s one body part that immediately signals “Hey, I’m strong and healthy!”, it just has to be our arms. We’ve all been envious at one time or another of somebody with impressive biceps and triceps, and simultaneously totally impressed by them.

The unfortunate flip side? Arms are also one of the first places a lot of us lose definition and, especially as we grow older, gain that jiggly, super-noticeable extra skin and fat some so “lovingly” refer to as “bat wings.” We might know that there are ways to combat it, but the prospect of taking those soft and shaking arms to the gym – in PUBLIC! – puts us off.

No more! Don’t worry about prying eyes, expensive gym fees, or cumbersome, confusing equipment. Here are 7 exercises you can do in the privacy of your own home – using little more than basic hand weights, your furniture, your floor and your body weight – that will completely transform your arms. People are about to be envious of YOU.

  1. Upright Rows

    Our first few tips come to us from the experts at The Doctors, who in the video above are demonstrating two exercises to get rid of that dreaded “bat wing” flab.

    Number one on their list? Upright rows! To do this exercise, grab some small (around 5-pound) hand weights, and stand with your hands together. Bend your knees slightly, and lift straight up, bringing the weights up to approximately chest level.

    This exercise works your biceps AND your should

  2. Dips

    Arm exercises you can do at homeThe Doctors

    This exercise doesn’t require any equipment— just the furniture in your home! All you need to do is sit on a low bench or chair, and brace your hands on the edge on either side of you. Slide off of the bench or chair, so that most of your weight is supported by your hands. Then raise and lower your body, stopping when your arms reach a 90-degree angle, then going all the way up until you arms are straight, but without locking your elbows.

    This exercise works your triceps, and is super-effective at getting rid of the peskiest fat and hanging skin.

  3. Scarecrow

    Here’s another one involving some hand weights! For this one, hold a weight in each arm, and slowly raise your arms out from the side of your body until they’re parallel with the floor. Then bend your elbows, so you’re standing in a kind of “scarecrow” pose. Lower your arms forward until your forearms are parallel to the floor, then slowly raise them again until they’re perpendicular.

    Do as many repetitions as you can in 30 seconds. For an extra challenge, balance on one leg for 15 seconds and see how many you can do!

  4. Planks

    man and a woman plank in a gymAndrewTovstyzhenko via Deposit Photos

    You already know we’re BIG fans of planks, because they give such a good full-body workout with such a simple-yet-challenging move. Did you know, though, that they’re also hugely beneficial for your arms?

    PureWow explains that “The root and foundation of all movements should come from your core, so this is an essential move to conquer to obtain strong arms. In addition to stabilizing the core, this isometric exercise builds shoulder stability and strength.”

    To do a plank, start on all fours, then lower your elbows to the floor and stretch your legs back, keeping your back as straight as possible. Hold the pose for as long as you can. It’s simple, but NOT easy— in a good way!

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