There are many diets you can find online that promise quick and efficient results, but rarely any of them work as well as the cucumber diet we have for you today. This amazing diet can help you lose a ton of weight in only 10 days. The diet is based on cucumbers and works best when paired with regular exercise.

The diet resolves around cucumbers – you can eat this incredible vegetable as much as you like and whenever you’re feeling hungry. Cucumbers contain a variety of important nutrients that can clean your body of toxins, boost your metabolism and clean up your intestines. Cucumbers are a powerful diuretic as well that can remove excess water from the body. The vegetable is great for your skin as well, which is why many cosmetic products contain it.

Here’s how the diet plan looks like:

Breakfast: slice 200 gr. of cucumbers and add them to a cup of low-fat yogurt, and eat an apple or a few peach slices if you’re still hungry.

Lunch: for lunch, you’ll need to take a bowl of cucumber salad and a piece of bread. Alternatively, you can prepare the following recipe:


1 cucumber

2 potatoes

300 gr. of fresh fruits

Tea or coffee with no sugar


Boil or bake the potatoes and eat them with a piece of wheat bread and sliced cucumbers. For a snack, have some dried fruits or a fruit salad. You can also have a cup of coffee or tea with no sugar.

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