She Lost 52 Pounds in 6 Weeks, and Used Only One Trick Before Going to Bed!

The eminent trainer Andrew Raposo came up with an interesting slimming method called Flat Belly Overnight. This method is designed to help you lose two pounds of abdominal fat overnight, using the simple trick which works on the belly area.

Raposo himself has been using this trick for a long time, but he didn’t assume that it can work for other people as well. However, everything changed when he helped his sister get rid of the excess pounds overnight.

Flat Belly Overnight Review – Can This One Trick Really Help You Shed Belly Fat Overnight?

Amy, Andrew`s sister, has been having troubles with excess pounds for many years. Anyone who has experienced this issue knows how challenging and difficult it can be. Even though it is believed that hard work and physical activity are key to losing weight, this simply doesn’t work the same for everyone. Not only this, but exercise program and strict diet can negatively affect your health in many ways, including joint pain, insomnia, injuries, decreased energy levels, hunger, and inability to lose fat in specific body parts.

In Amy’s case, her belly fat led to development of type 2 diabetes, which is actually one of the major risks of excess belly fat. Stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease are also negative consequences of this issue.

We are usually told that the consumption of fruits and vegetables, reducing the calorie intake, and regular exercise along with interval training are the best way to losing weight. However, even the strict following of these rules doesn’t always provide the wanted results. The negative results are usually caused by the complex facts about the programs as well as the inability of their authors to provide proper instructions.

Even though health-and-diet mantra can work for some people, majority of people finds them ineffective. According to Andrew Raposo, women over 40 years old have more troubles with melting belly fat, as result of the hormonal changes which come with age. Hormonal changes slow down the metabolism and the stomach inflammation makes the person less likely to melt belly fat but more likely to gain extra weight.



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