4 Foods That Increase Your Alzheimer’s Risk Significantly!

More people die of Alzheimer’s in the West than anywhere else.


It’s not even a contest; Europe and the Americas dominate those stats. According to experts, that’s largely thanks to the Western diet, which contains far too much ‘bad’ and not enough ‘good.’

Let’s start with the bad, shall we? Here are 4 foods that increase Alzheimer’s risk.

Red meat contains lots of iron, which is good – to a point. According to a UCLA study, once you pass that point your brain begins collecting the excess iron in its gray matter. Over time, this speeds up the oxidative damage responsible for Alzheimer’s.

This isn’t to say we should give up red meat altogether. Unless it’s processed red meat; you can skip that altogether. As for those fresh cuts of beef, remember – balance is your friend.

#1 – Red Meat

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