Using just 3 ingredients, clean your dirty bathtub and leave it spotless. Here’s how

Melissa Maker is an amazing woman that runs the YouTube channel Clean My Space, and with her experience with home maintenance, she has offered some easy “do it yourself” methods for keeping tubs clean.

Bath tubs are magnets for grime and buildup from the years of soaps and shampoos that have been washed away in them. A lot of these soaps and shampoos actually leave behind trace amounts of residue, which will constantly build over long periods of time. Even worse, these soap and shampoos residues will often allow even more hair, dead skin cells, and body oil from being trapped on your bathtub surface. Understanding how much filth may actually be on that seemingly white bathtub, Melissa has created a great method that can be used to easily clean tubs.

Even worse, a bacteria known as Serratia marcescens can easily grow on these leftover residues, potentially creating whole colonies in your own bathtub! With this in mind, it’s obvious how important it is to keep your tub clean as often as possible. Lucky for us, Melissa has found an affordable home alternative to standard cleaning solutions you would buy in a store. It is important to note that this alternative suggested by Melissa is only suitable for standard enamel based tubs, and should not be used on specialty bathtubs.

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