Three-Ingredient Baked Chicken

Cooking chicken has never been easier! To all those who are complaining about how hard it is to cook, this recipe is for you! Any lazy person in the world can make this 3 ingredient chicken! Check it out.

Three-Ingredient Baked Chicken

Since I was roasting this with asparagus I increased the temperature to 400 degrees and baked for 25 minutes. Moist and fork tender. Also, since I was making this as the entrée rather than as simply cooking it for another purpose, I added dill, garlic salt, and paprika for rich color. Easiest, quickest dinner I’ve made in awhile. Good too.

I’m still surprised about this recipe, as I sit here eating leftovers. As a cook who believes the only path to tender, oven-baked chicken is to slather it in sauces or breading, I almost blew right past this recipe. But, desperate for simplicity, I chose this — the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth chicken ever! Instead of salt, I sprinkled both sides of each buttered breast with McCormick’s Grill Mates Montreal Chicken Seasoning. My chicken breasts were quite large, so I baked these about 50 or 55 minutes in order to reach 165 degrees, and I basted them a few times with the juices while baking. I’m thinking this recipe will work quite well for my low-carb way of eating. Definitely our new favorite! Give it a try.

These worked great! I usually bake my chicken in the oven w/ evoo, salt, pepper and garlic powder, but I wanted to try this using the butter. I did add some pepper and garlic powder (I guess that made this 5 ingredient baked chicken, lol), but used the cooking method…it was very good…nice and flavorful! I used the chicken to make chicken salads for dinner. I do like my usual evoo, b/c it’s a bit more healthy, but I would totally make this again, as it was very good! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

I used this recipe tonight in place of the way I usually roast chicken breasts, the difference being that I use bone-in, skin-on chicken. Then we discard the bones and skin—but they add so much flavor to the chicken that we really don’t need anything else to go with this. In place of the salt I used Papa’s Seasoning from this site because it is such a flavorful blend of spices. I use Trader Joe’s package of Kosher Chicken Breasts (two halves to a package), and so I halved the recipe. I really liked the butter and will continue to do so now. Yum! It was really tasty!

I made this and I am FLOORED at how good it is! My husband came in just as I was tasting it. I popped a morsel in his mouth, and he about melted on the spot. His response, “OK, NOW you can open a restaurant.”. The only thing I did different – I used garlic salt instead of salt. I also noticed that the picture seems to have pepper flakes, but they aren’t mentioned in the recipe, so I added just a little bit. I baked this exactly as instructed, using a meat thermometer to gauge the cook time.

Made as directed! Wonderfully moist, tender chicken breast. Truly a great recipe that can become the base for using different flavors (citrus?), spices & herbs to create ethnic recipes with moist chicken. Don’t waste the drippings! I can imagine uses for salad dressings, cooked veggies, gravies! I plan to freeze the drippings in ice cube tray to use to flavor other dishes! Thanks for a great recipe! Won’t bake chicken any other way in the future. (Family loved it, too!)

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