16 Dinners Under 10 SmartPoints

Weight Watchers® has switched from their PointPlus system to SmartPoints. This new system has been put in place to continue helping people lose weight and make better food choices. If you’re looking for a satisfying meal without a lot of SmartPoints, then look no further — here are 16 meals under 10 points!

6. Three-Cheese Penne: This is a casserole with ooey-gooey throughout. A serving of this dish with feel like a splurge but in reality, you’ve only eaten 9 SmartPoints.

-> Check out the recipe here


7. Caribbean Jerk Chicken: This dish has an amazing Caribbean flair that will have your family thinking you spent hours in the kitchen, when in reality it only takes about 30 minutes! It also has 6 SmartPoints, so it fits perfectly into your diet.

-> You can get our recipe by clicking here


8. Slow Cooker Chicken Fajitas: Let your slow cooker do the cooking so you can come home to a flavorful meal that your family will love. For just under 250 calories and only 5 SmartPoints, you and the family can enjoy this Mexican-inspired meal.

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9. Healthy Chicken Tetrazzini: This chicken tetrazzini is a healthy way to satisfy your creamy pasta craving. At only 249 calories and 7 SmartPoints per serving, this will become a weekly staple in your dinner rotation. Plus you’re getting nearly 20 grams of protein!

-> See the ingredient list here


10. Healthy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork: The rub for this pulled pork dinner is packed with flavor and absolutely divine. For this dish, we recommend a low-sugar barbecue sauce like Stubb’s® Original All-Natural Bar-B-Q Sauce.

-> To see how it’s made, click here


11. Skinny Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken: This is some serious comfort food! Crispy panko crumbs and creamy, melty cheese are a spectacular way to liven up your chicken. We especially love the zip that the Italian dressing imparts. The best part? It’s only 5 SmartPoints for one roll!

-> Enjoy the recipe by clicking here


12. Skinny Linguine with Clam Sauce: This quick, healthy pasta dish will be ready on the dinner table in 30 minutes! Plus, it’s only 7 SmartPoints!

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13. Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken: For an Asian-inspired dinner, try our Slow Cooker Cashew Chicken! While this meal has many strong points, like the 302-calorie count per serving, 7 SmartPoints, or the delicious savory flavor, we’d argue that its best facet is the fact that you make it in a slow cooker.

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14. Skinny Mexican Tortilla Pizza: This sounds like something you’d order at a restaurant when you are having a weak moment, but in reality this is a 9 SmartPoint meal that is bursting with taste.

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15. Skinny Sausage Zucchini Boats: If you don’t cook with the extremely versatile zucchini, now is your perfect chance to start! Each zucchini boat has 280 calories and 9 SmartPoints.

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16. Carb-Cutting Avocado Zoodles: For a low-calorie and low-carb weight loss-friendly dinner, you MUST make this avocado zoodle recipe. Made in about 30 minutes and only 6 SmartPoints, this recipe will soon become one of your favs.

-> See how it’s made by clicking here


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