14 brilliant inventions that will seriously change your life

During your time on the internet, you’ve probably come across lists that claim if you get X, it’ll change Y.

But sometimes the products you get are trivial or impractical. It’s disappointing, too, because we could all use a life-changing invention (or five) to make life a little bit easier. With that in mind, we chose not to put an extensive twenty or thirty-item list together. Instead, we opted for a bit more quality over quantity in hopes that at least one of these truly does help you or someone you know.

14 Life-Changing Inventions

We’ve split them into smaller categories (e.g., kitchen, bedroom/bathroom, out of the house, and miscellaneous) for you.

Life-Changing Inventions for Your Kitchen

1. Silicone Oven Rack Guards

Oven mitts are great but they don’t protect the rest of your arms when you reach in to pull out that delicious pizza.

silicone oven rack guards

You can pick up your own here.

2. Butter Savers

You can relate to the greasy mess of open butter sticks. But this durable and reusable end-cap helps keep your butter fresh and the kitchen clean.

butter savers end caps

Get some for yourself here.

3. Family Size Hat-Trick Breakfast Station

Too many cooks in the kitchen? We admit kids running around on a Saturday morning doesn’t always make cooking breakfast easy. But maybe sometimes the little ones aren’t the problem, but the “kitchen” is. This one-stop appliance does it all and makes your life easier!

family size breakfast station

We think everybody has got to get this one.

Life-Changing Inventions for Your Bedroom and Bathroom

4. Pressure Sensitive Alarm Clock Rug

This is definitely one of the most innovative ways to get up (not just wake up). If you want this alarm to turn off, you’ll have to stand on this thing for more than three seconds. It’s perfect for anyone who’s in a constant battle with their snooze button.

pressure sensitive alarm clock rug

You can wake up earlier by starting here.

5. Electrical Bed Frame Leg Sockets

These multi-socket attachments are perfect if you live in an apartment or are working with a small space (e.g., a kid’s bedroom). It isn’t cordless but it definitely helps keep all of them in one place and makes for a tidy-looking, trip-free zone.

bed frame leg sockets for plugs

6. Illumibowl Toilet Night Light

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping or wakes up a lot at night to go to the bathroom, you’ll love the Illumibowl. It’s a motion-sensor, multicolor night light that allows you to find and go to the bathroom without shocking your eyes with bright lights!

illumibowl light before and after

You can find it here. (Don’t worry, there isn’t an alien in your toilet!)

7. SMARTDUVET: The Self-Making Bed

We don’t even want to think about how much time we lose by having to do these little tasks day in and day out. And less time on these things means more time for yourself and your family. When you activate SMARTDUVET, it inflates the sheet’s air chamber placing the duvet and sheets back in position. With the app, you can pre-set different bed-making times for Monday thru Sunday.

SMARTDUVET: the self-making bed

Pre-order it here!

Life-Changing Inventions for Your Family Room or Home Office

8. X-Table Adjustable Desk

The majority of us are working sedentary jobs which can take a toll on our bodies. This manually adjustable sitting desk can become a standing desk so that you can keep working in the same place – but with comfort!

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kibisi the x table

Find it here from Kibisi.

9. Sofa Arm Rest Tray

If you don’t have side or coffee tables, this study and flat-surfaced product has you covered. It’s perfect for those times when you just want to cuddle up on the couch with your favorite beverage and book or TV show…without having to reach over to take a sip!

sofa arm rest tray

Get yourself a handmade one here!

10. High-Tech Cleaning Jelly

Cloths can be overrated and feather dusters sometimes seem to release more dust than they pick up. So the next logical step – obviously – is jelly? Absolutely. This sticky jelly will pick up dust and dirt for those hard-to-reach gaps. It’s 95% biodegradable and kills over 80% of germs, too!

high-tech cleaning jelly

Keep a few of these in your office – you can get them here.

Life-Changing Inventions for When You’re On-the-Go

11. LED Turn Signal Cyclist Backpack

Sharing the road can be a battle sometimes as a cyclist. But this rechargeable LED signal pack lets cars know your next move without you having to take your hands off the handlebars. With left, right, forward, and stop signals, this backpack has you covered.

LED safetly cyclist pack

Check it out here!

12. ShelfPack: The Revolutionary Suitcase

This is a revolutionary suitcase with built-in shelves! In other words, a portable closet. It’s convenient, organized, and perfect for personal, family, or business travel.

shelfpack revolutionary suitcase

You can find it here, but make sure you do before your next trip.

13. Solar-Powered Window Socket

You can tuck this in the front pocket of your ShelfPack and when all the sockets at the airport are taken, just stick this onto the floor-to-ceiling window and start charging your device! This portable device enables you to use electricity freely and conveniently.

solar-powered window socket

This life-changing invention was just too awesome not to include!

14. Sony’s Recording Contact Lenses

Here’s a glimpse into the future! These lenses can sense the difference between involuntary blinking and voluntary blinking when you want to record. The implications of an invention like this are vast and come with their fair share of pros and cons. But for now, let’s focus on how incredible the technology is.

source : http://theheartysoul.com