13 Amazing Things That Happen When You Use Vinegar in Your Garden

Whether you naturally have a green thumb or learned everything you know by researching, whether you’ve been gardening for years or you’re just starting, every home gardener can use the best tips and tricks out there to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables more successfully.

Now, those tips and tricks can vary quite a bit, but our favorite lately? Learning about unexpected and all-natural helpers we should have on our gardening team! Today, we’re bringing a longtime indoor helper outside and into the gardening light: vinegar. Just check out all the wonderful things that happen when you start using it in your gardening.

1- Weeds die— but your flowers flourish.

Shelf of bottles of Heinz distilled white vinegar

If there’s one reason to use vinegar in your garden, this one is it! Perfect for gardeners who prefer to use safer, all-natural weed killers, vinegar is also any easy one to use. Simply put in a spray bottle, aim carefully at the weeds, and you’re all set!

2- Blooms are brought back to life . . .

Vinegar’s not only for killing unwanted greenery; it’s for resurrecting the ones you put there on purpose! If your favorite flowers and bushes are falling to fungus infections or black spots, fear not— vinegar can help resurrect them.

Exact methods vary from source to source, but for the simplest way, simply mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar into some brewed chamomile tea, and spray it on the affected plants. They’ll be healthy again in no time!

3- . . . and particular plants are made happy!

It sounds crazy since it’s also a powerful natural weed-killer, but there are some plants that absolutely love vinegar, like azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and gardenias. Just mix a cup of distilled vinegar in a gallon of tap water, and spray these acid-loving plants to give them a boost.

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