Expert DIYers Reveal 12 Clever Stroller Hacks That Every Parent Should Know

Strollers are a must for any new parent. It’s a convenient and safe way to transport your baby from one location to another.

Because you will be spending so much time with a stroller, it’s important to be aware of these nifty hacks that you can do with them.

The Moms behind YouTube channel WhatsUpMoms are back again with another edition of “Mom Hacks.” This time, they present clever stroller hacks that will increase the everyday usefulness of your common baby stroller. These tips will make stroller use more comfortable and safe. More importantly, it will make it more fun!

In total, they present 12 clever hacks. To start, they show you a neat way to remind both you and your husband how to open the stroller. Using colored stickers, she labels them “pull” and “push” so she never forgets how to open a stroller. To improve the traction of the wheels, she ties zip ties around them to prevent the stroller from sliding around. Keeping a stroller clean can be difficult, so she creates a fun game around cleaning that her kids love to play. Cleaning suddenly became a fun activity that everyone benefitted from!

I won’t spoil all the tips, so be sure to watch the video below to see the rest.

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Source: WhatsUpMoms/Youtube

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