11 Uses for Cascade You’ve Never Tried Before

You’d probably recognize it anywhere: a green package with red lettering that’s packed with little pods of dish cleaning magic. You guessed it, it’s none other than dishwashing product Cascade! This go-to cleaning staple is so easy to pop inside your washer and gets your dishes sparkling clean.

But beyond its most popular use, Cascade can be used in a bunch of other ways around the house. Want your whites whiter? Want that soap scum ring in the tub gone? Look no further than your trusty Cascade tablets!

Here are 11 ways you can use this dishwashing detergent that you’ve probably never thought to try before, brought to us by The Coupon Challenge.

1. Clean Soap Scum

view of white bathtubnoricum via Flickr

Hate that grimy grout or nasty ring that circles your tub? Use a bit of cascade on a sponge and scrub stubborn scum off your tub! Make sure to rinse clean after treatment.

2. Clean Toilet Bowl Stains

Help get rid of all types of stains (it works well for water stains, especially) in your toilet bowl by cleaning with Cascade. Let it sit for several minutes then scrub with a toilet brush.

3. Remove Coffee or Tea Stains

hanging mug holder standHGTV

We don’t know about you, but our favorite mugs are definitely stained with all the coffee and tea we drink. Get rid of those rings by using 2 tbsp of Cascade to 2 qt. of water and let soak before wash glassware as usual.

4. Remove Stubborn Food

Food that is stuck or burnt to your pans can be removed by soaking in Cascade and hot water. You can also try making a paste out of Cascade and a little bit of hot water. Let sit and the burnt food should come right off leaving your pot as good as new.

5. Clean the Litter Box

Filled litter box.Wikimedia Commons

Few thinks stink like your cat’s litter box. But, thankfully, there is a way to keep it clean. Mix Cascade and hot water in the litter box and allow it to soak overnight. Dump Cascade water and rinse clean. This will clean the box AND eliminate odor.

6. Clean Greasy Appliances

If you cannot get grease off your appliances, try mixing 1/4 cup of Cascade to 1 gal. of hot water. Scrub the appliance to remove grimy build-up.

7. Clean a Thermos

garloon via Deposit Photos

Fill the thermos with water and 2 Tbsp of Cascade. Let sit overnight. Dump Cascade water and wash the next day. You’re thermos should be stain free and ready to tote your coffee by morning!

8. Get Your Whites, Whiter

Add 1/2 cup of the Cascade powder to hot water. Let your white clothing soak for about an hour and you’ll find the stains should be removed. Similarly, adding a bit of Cascade gel directly to the stain and leaving to sit work well. Note: ONLY try this trick on white, not on colors.

9. Clean Painted Walls

Crayon mark on wall.Flickr

If you have kids, you probably are used to scuff marks and crayon marks on your walls. Use your standard mixture of 1/4 cup of Cascade to 1 gal. of hot water, then use a clean cloth to wipe marks off the surface.

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10. Clean Stove Fan Filter

That filter above your stove can often get clogged with grease or smoke and this makes it difficult to do its job. Try soaking the filter in Cascade and hot water before rinsing with hot water and allow it to dry completely.

11. Clean Blinds


Again, soak the filter in Cascade and hot water. You will need to move the blinds around a few times while soaking to help get the solution between all the slats. Rinse with warm water and allow to dry before hanging.