11 Unexpected Methods for Dusting the Most Challenging Surfaces

Dusting: it’s a necessary evil that can leave even the most seasoned domestic gods and goddesses stumped. Sure, some household items can be cleaned in no time at all, but many are either oddly-shaped or just too difficult to reach comfortably!

Because we agree that not every dusty surface is as straightforward as a countertop or wood furnishings, we compiled a list to help you get rid of the allergen and eyesore quickly and efficiently.

Here are 11 simple ways you can remove dust in the most hard-to-reach places. For full tutorials, be sure to click on the links below.

  1. Let your appliances take the “Pledge”

    dusting with pledgeClutterbug

    The secret to removing clinging dust from kitchen appliances is the very one that does the best job at polishing wood surfaces—Pledge. As a bonus, it will make your favorite culinary gadgets smell lemony fresh. Score!

  2. Stop a dust tornado in its tracks

    dusting ceiling fan bladeehowhome

    Ah, the oft-forgotten ceiling fan. While it may be easy enough to let the dusting of this fan slip your mind, doing so does nothing to help the situation, especially considering the whirling device spreads dirt, dander, and debris to every possible part of the room. To combat this, simply slide an old pillowcase over the blades. Works like magic!

  3. Don’t sleep on a bed of dust

    Regular Mattress CleaningWikiphoto

    Guess what? Experts recommend that you clean your mattress every 3 months… whoops! To kick off the process, you’ll need to remove all of the excess dust from the surface first. Our tool of choice? A vacuum with a flat tool attachment.

  4. “Un-plug” your door and window screens

    dusting screenFix It and Finish It via TipHero

    If you are having trouble removing fine dust and pollen from your screens, consider using suction. Like the aforementioned mattress-cleaning hack, we think vacuums work best for most mesh materials. Just a few measured swipes should do the trick!

  5. Dust the impossible

    dusting ovenGE Appliances

    We are embarrassed to admit that, before we set our eyes on this brilliant tutorial by GE, we thought that we were always destined to have dust trapped between those seemingly unreachable layers of oven glass. As it turns out, the cleaning method is actually pretty easy and requires no professional solutions or materials. Who knew?

  6. Leave dust in the dark

    dusting lamp shadeOne Good Thing by Jillee via TipHero

    Did you know that lint rollers aren’t just good for clothing? It turns out that smoothing them over a lampshade banishes dust in one fell swoop. Cleaning hacks don’t get much simpler than that!

  7. Re-claim your popcorn ceilings

    dusting popcorn ceilingjoselph carter

    If you’re blessed with popcorn ceilings – you can practically hear the sarcasm in our voice, right? – then you know just how dusty the bumpy surfaces can get. On the bright side, even the clingiest dirt is no match for some heavy-duty broom bristles.

  8. Let your dashboard shine

    dusting dashboardCrazyRussianHacker

    Does your ride feature a jet-black dashboard that collects a ton of dust? If so, kill two birds with one stone—remove the dust AND shine the surface. All it takes is a soft, microfiber cloth and a bit of olive oil. Neat!

  9. Don’t forget the baseboards

    dusting baseboardClean My Space

    Because a floor isn’t technically clean unless you get to the baseboards! To remove the dust without disturbing the paint, simply tack your brush attachment on to your vacuum cleaner and let the suction do the job.

  10. Dust your blinds in a flash

    dusting blindsHometalk

    Looking to remove that dusty grime from your Venetian blinds? If so, grab a microfiber cloth, wrap it around the ends of a pair of kitchen tongs, and secure with a rubber band. Once finished, slide the contraption over the blinds for some seriously easy cleaning. We’d love to meet the genius who came up with this cleaning hack!

  11. Dance away the dust

    Slippers featuredGoodful

    Did you know that any ordinary pair of slippers can be easily transformed into dusters? It may sound silly, but they really do work! A must for those with hardwood floors.


It’s time to say good-bye to that dusty house! Now that you’ve received some domestic enlightenment, we’d love to hear from you. Have you ever tried any of these cleaning methods? If so, which is your favorite? How often do you dust your house?