10 outstanding ways to deep clean your car

A car retains its value for longer if it is regularly washed and cleaned. A dirty interior can facilitate mold and attract bugs. Further, it’s worse if food crumbs fall and get caught in the nooks and crannies of the car. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.
Keep reading for 10 handy tips for keeping your car clean:
1. Vacuum the interior: Don’t just rely on a coin-operated vacuum hose at your local gas station. Use a “dustbuster” type handheld vacuum to really get into all the nooks and crannies. Adjust the seats back and forth to access more areas of the interior. Don’t forget to remove the floor mats to better clean the floors.
2. Clean the floor mats: Now that you have the floormats out, clean those too. Fabric floormats should be vacuumed. Rubber floormats should be cleaned with a mild soap. Don’t forget to wash the underside of the floormats as well.
3 Clean the seats: Use an auto-fabric cleaner. Apply the cleaner and then gently scrub with a cleaning brush. A separate foaming cleanser may be necessary for deep and persistent stains. If you have leather interiors, use a leather cleaner. Vacuum again when you’re done.
4. Clean the electronics: Use the same kind of equipment on your dashboard’s electronics that you might on your computer. Blast away the dust with canned air, and then spray on some electronics cleaner and clean gently.
5. Clean dashboard: You can clean a plastic dashboard with a mild soap and a microfiber cloth. If the dashboard is really dirty, you may need to use an auto interior cleaner similar to the one used on leather upholstery. A soft-bristled toothbrush is handy to clean hard-to-get-to spots.
6. Clean the windows and mirrors: Use a glass cleaner without ammonia. Ammonia can damage the vinyl and rubber sealing around the window. Use a microfiber cloth or chamois to avoid streaking. Clean twice for best results.
7. Clean your headlights: Headlights can oxidize creating a foggy effect on the headlight glass. Many people swear by using a mix of window cleaner and toothpaste to clean headlights.
8. Clean your wheels: Hose down your wheels with high pressure and then apply an all-purpose cleaner.
9. Wash the exterior of the car: Use a soft sponge to wash the exterior of the car. Make sure you have two buckets of water, one with soap and one dedicated to rinsing; so you’re not reabsorbing the dirt into your sponge.
10. Wax: Now that the car’s washed, it’s time to wax it! Waxing gives the paint an extra layer of protection. Wax in the shade – sunlight can harden the wax too quickly.
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