10 dieting rules you should break right away. Here’s the truth about these myths

10 dieting rules you should break right away

We’ve had it up to here with dieting rules that aren’t really rules. In fact, some of them are just flat out myths that have no healthy benefit whatsoever. For whatever reason, some of the things that we believe as truth end up just being unnecessary limitations that leave us frustrated and unhappy.
Interested to learn more? We thought so! Here, we’ve compile a list of ten dieting rules that you should start ignoring today.
1. Eating healthy is more expensive 
You’ve probably heard more than once that eating healthy costs too much. That’s an easy out for someone who may be having difficulty transitioning into a healthy lifestyle. However, according to an article from Shape, eating healthy can actually save you $8 per week on average. The idea is to focus on purchasing fresh, but cheaper options like fruits and vegetables. Fast food meals can be expensive and they don’t fuel your body in the same way that healthy food can. Don’t buy into the hype that healthy foods cost more. It’s simply untrue.
2. Eating at night is bad
Fooled into believing that eating at night is bad for you? Consider the facts from an article in Real Simple. Calories have no idea when you are eating. However, the idea is that if you eat late at night then  your body will just hold on to those calories. The truth is, when you wake up the next day then you body will naturally start burning the calories that you consumed the day before. The bad thing about late-night eating is that sometimes we tend to choose really unhealthy options for our snacks. If you opt for an apple instead of a bowl of ice cream, there is no harm in having a snack in the evening.
3. Some sugars should be avoided over others 
Sugar is sugar when it comes to how the body processes it. Rather than focusing on trying to eliminate one type of sugar, you should try to reduce the amount of sugar in your overall diet. According to Web MD, you can do this by eliminating bad foods and drink likes soda and candy.
4. Fat is a necessity 
An article from Shape indicates that it is a myth that fat is necessary in your diet. People always assumed that because fat took longer to digest then it made you feel fuller for longer. However, research indicates that fat has more calories, but it does not make people feel more satisfied.
5. Coffee is bad
While you may want to avoid additives such as sugar or cream, coffee itself can actually have a number of health benefits. According to Web MD, drinking coffee in moderation could help you avoid Type-2 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and certain kinds of cancers.
6. Carbs will make you gain weight 
According to an article from Real Simple, when it comes to weight gain, it’s not such much about carbs as it is calories. Any calories that you consume, whether they are in the form of carbs or sugars can definitely make you pack on the pounds. As with anything, it’s about moderation and making sure that you are eating a balanced diet rather than fueling your body from one source. Diversity in healthy foods is key.
7. Gourmet salts are healthier 
You’ve probably heard that you should be using sea salt instead of regular salt. However, according to Web MD, they have essentially the same amount of sodium. Want a healthier option? Try seasoning with herbs and other spices to reduce your salt intake.
8. Dieting can eliminate cellulite
Cellulite forms because of how your body stores fat. It’s not so much about what you eat or even the amount of fat on your body. It can boil down to the fact that cellulite is  just how your body stores fat. However, Shape indicates if you really want to battle cellulite then you should focus on a diet that doesn’t contribute to your body storing more fat.
9. Dieting will keep the weight off 
When you make the choice to eat healthier, it should be more about a lifestyle change and less about a temporary solution to drop a few pounds. It’s not good on your body to go through drastic changes in your diet. Instead, you should opt for healthy solutions that you can incorporate for a lifetime.
10. Working out necessitates eating more protein 
Web MD indicates that most diets incorporate enough protein already, even for athletes. However, you can boost your system by eating enough calories and ensuring that you have a protein-rich snack like chocolate milk immediately following an intense workout.
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