Your Face Can Tell What’s Really Wrong With Your Body! Chinese Face Map!

Our skin can actually indicate that something is wrong with our body. Or to be more precise, our face can show us what’s wrong with our bodies.

Chinese medicine states that every part of our face actually represents a certain organ and if something is wrong with that organ, we can see it on our face in the form of pimples, rash or change of the color of the skin. Continue reading this article to see the connection between the location of the pimples and the health problems of the specific part and organs from our body.

Forehead – Bladder and small intestine
Cause: Processed food and the excess amount of consumed fats can cause slow digestion of the food. Too much alcohol, stress, sugar and staying up late can also cause problems with the bladder and the small intestine.

Between the eyebrows – Liver
Cause: This may indicate that you eat a lot of meat or that you are allergic to some components. It can also be caused by excess work of your stomach, without any rest.
Treatment: Consume fresh and healthy food. Go outside and breathe fresh air and do some exercises. Take medications if necessary.

Eyebrow arch – Kidneys
Cause: Alcohol, cigarettes, bad circulation and weak heart.
Treatment: Less alcohol, sugary drinks and cigarettes and more clean water. Drink a lot of water in order not to get dehydrated.

Nose – Heart
Cause: Bad circulation, inflamed stomach, gasses, contaminated air and closed rooms.
Treatment: Regularly check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Clean the toxins from the body with organic green teas. And it is very important to be physically active.

Upper part of the cheeks – Lungs
Cause: Cigarettes, pollution and asthma. You may also have dark circles around the eyes.
Treatment: Stop smoking cigarettes and start some kind of exercises. Physical activity is very important. And also avoid smoke and polluted air.

Cheeks – Lungs and kidneys
Cause: A lot of sugar, bad food, stress and smoking cigarettes.
Treatment: Start eating healthy and don’t use cheap low-class cosmetics.

Mouth and chin – Stomach
Cause: Food rich in fat and sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Stress and staying up late can also disrupt the balance.
Treatment: Start eating healthy to bring back the balance and consume a lot of fruits and vegetables. Consult your doctor if the problems continue.

Jaw and neck – Hormones
Cause: Not enough water and a lot of spicy and salty foods. Too much caffeine as well.
Treatment: Drink more water and consume less caffeine, salt and spices.

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